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london, england - workshop space?

updated tue 10 mar 98


Jenny Lewis on mon 9 mar 98

Calling anyone in or near London (UK), north/north-east, or
central - I'm looking for somewhere to share - or help - or be the
world's oldest trainee or apprentice or - or SOMEthing ... I need
more than 3 hours per week evening classes but cannot set up my own
workshop, YET, for various reasons, I won't bore you with details,
but including the inevitable financial reasons of course!

I have a vague notion of finding a cosy space in a corner of some
kind-hearted fellow-mudder's studio, where I can play with clay, for
which I could pay a contribution, and/or help with chores around the
place: pug, clean up mess, load and unload kilns, mix glazes...
well, you know, all that kind of stuff.

Have to rely on public transport, so have to be a tiny bit concerned
about location. I live in Walthamstow which is north-east, and work
just off Baker Street, overlooking Regents Park, which is fairly
central, so there is a fairly large chunk of London that is

I'm not sure how many Clayarters are in or around here, but if anyone
knows of anyone, I'd love to hear from you please!

Off-list replies welcome -


Jenny Lewis
overlooking Regents Park
full of daffodils and spring-ish things