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updated thu 12 mar 98


ARTMOLIN@ACS.EKU.EDU on wed 11 mar 98


Especially those attending the NCECA conference next week.

Please remember the volume of Clayart mail will certainly choke many of
your mail systems while you are away attending the conference. With
this in mind, you may want to consider setting your Clayart account to
nomail and then re-settng it once you return. To do this, simply send
the following command to (subject line left blank):

set clayart nomail

Upon returning, send the following command:

set clayart mail

This will keep you from having your account shut down due to the volume
of mail that causes error reports. You can then look at the archives to
view the weeks mail that you missed while away and jump back into the
dialogue if you choose.

I hope everyone attending the conference will have a great time
and even consider providing the rest of us a full report on it once you
return. Hearing different perspectives on this years NCECA conference
would be most interesting for the many who are unable to attend (like
me!). But do keep in mind that since you are the fortunate ones and get
to attend the conference, the rest of us will be talking about you while
you are away from your computers! :)

Have a great conference! And behave!


Joe Molinaro INTERNET:
Department of Art BITNET: artmolin@eku
Eastern Kentucky University VOICE: (606) 622-1634
Richmond, KY 40475