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nceca room needed

updated tue 8 feb 05


Joseph Bennion on thu 12 mar 98

Hey Clayart,
I'm booked into a room at the Worthington for the NCECA conference
Tuesday through Friday of the conference week. My companions are all
spliting Saturday and I need a place to stay Saturday night as my
flight home is Sunday morning. I'd be happy to stay on a roll away and
share costs. Please answer me off list I you have something.

Joe the Potter


Joseph Bennion "stay together
PO Box 186 learn the flowers
Spring City, Utah 84662 go light"
801-462-2708 Gary Snyder

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MLC on mon 7 feb 05

hi all

I have decided that I really want to stay in the city for NCECA. Yes
I know that I live a half hour away, but I hate rush hour traffic and
driving late at night. and I also know that I should have done this
sooner. BUT does any one in one of the hotels near the Convention
center want or need a roommate, middle aged, (that sounds awful to me,
but I plan to live to 120 so...) non smoking, quiet (at night in the
room, no parties, that's what the clayart room is for)

Millie in Md. Watching the snow melt and slowly going mad because I
can't get the dell laptop that my husband brought home from his office
to understand that it has a w-ifi card and is expected to use
it......this is why I have macs. give them a generic w-ifi card card
and they start looking for a network, get them the password for the
network and they are good to go. 4 macs no problems here or on the
road. 1 dell latitude AAARGH!!!!!!!