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crystalline glazes also

updated sun 15 mar 98


Davesglaze on fri 13 mar 98

Reread your message and see I forgot to say a word on soaking. The soaking
time is at the holding temperature . I soak my kilm loads from 5 &1/2 hrs
to 7 hrs . But if your glaze is a happy easy crystal maker you might get a way
with a 3&1/2 hr. hold.I have only one receipe that works in that short a time
and I don't like the results from it, I like either lots of crystals or very
large crystals, composition of glaze and holding time and temperature will
give that kind of result. Hope this is clear , let me know how your work comes
out. P.S. TOO LONG a hold amounts to not enough glaze on a vase or too many
crystals on a plate so that the plate is ugly and very rough mat from all the
layers of overgrown crystals always try a new glaze on one piece on each
shelf to see the results be fore using it on a great number of peices. You can
reglaze but must fire very slow both up and down , plates usually crack,
but on occasions have come up very fine, always worth a try. Good Luck Dave

MRS SANDRA L BURKE on sat 14 mar 98

I jsut saw you message on soaking crystalline glazes and was
wondering if you had any reciepes for either a cone 6 or cone04
oxidation. I have tried a few I found in some old Ceramics monthly
but no luck wwith either. They just bubble and crawl no complete melt
even when fired to a higher temp