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virtual gallery scanning slides

updated sat 14 mar 98


MGibb21521 on fri 13 mar 98


I have been having my slides transferred to a CD so that I can have access to
these images on my computer, for print out, attatchments to emails etc. I
bring my slides to a Photo service (Pro Lab which is in Denver, CO)

It is not very expensive, you pay for the CD (about 9.00) and then keep
bringing the same CD back each time till it is full, it will hold ALOT of
images (60 or so). I haven't gone for a while now, so I am probably
misquoting slightly, it seems that the more you have done, the less the cost,
I want to say about 1.50 - 2.00 per slide.

Call your local service centers, i.e. Kinko's or good photo services. I hear
you can also have slides scanned into a color photo copier.

Hope this helps, or at least aims you in a good direction.

Marie Gibbons
Arvada CO