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clayarters' virtual gallery

updated sun 15 mar 98


Talbott on sat 14 mar 98

Clayarters' Virtual Gallery at

I have about 10 Megs of disk space at and I would
like to see this site put to good use. Along with the message boards which
are being under utilized at the moment I would like to have a virtual
gallery. I am thinking about having a rotating virtual gallery that
changes about once a month. Perhaps the work of 6 to 12 potters per month
could be viewed. I am only one person with limited time and resources.
However, I do believe that there is enough interest and expertise to make
this Clayarters' Virtual Gallery a reality. I have received so many
responses in regard to my scanning message that I can't respond to them
all. I am not trying to shun anyone so please don't feel ignored.
Basically I am looking for some direction from you web-master types that
would allow this rotating Clayarters' Virtual Gallery to become a reality.
If it is impractical or of no interest then I want to know that as well so
that I can lay this idea to rest. Someone asked me how I kept these
projects going and I said "delegate" so that is kinda what I am looking to
do in this case. I am looking to find one or more Clayarters who are
truely interested and knowledgeable in this area and want to donate some of
their time and knowledge to this project. Please let me know if you are
interested and have ideas on how to make this feasible and benefical to the
Clayart Community. ...Marshall

101 CLAYART MUGS (Summer 1998)

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