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coloring terra cotta tiles

updated tue 17 mar 98


Marvel C. Stalcup on sun 15 mar 98

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, Jennifer Tripp wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Does anyone have any suggestion on a wax or an oil to darken clay??
> I have some terra cotta tiles that I want to darken. I have tried
> Linseed oil and paste wax.
> Jennifer (just a college senior)
>My wife and I recently laid 2000 ft^2 of saltilla tiles, darkened them by apply
motor oil and then sealed them with Johson Wax's "Fortify". We applied the oil w
rag and then wiped off the excess to achieve the shade we wanted.
Marv and Firuse

ZeeknZana on mon 16 mar 98

Hi Jennifer!
Recently I tried butcher's wax on clay with some great results. I put a
thin layer on, let it dry, polish it and then keep applying it til I get the
look I want. It does however, get to be somewhat shiny. Anyway give it a try
if shiny is OK.