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copper sulfide / copper sulfate

updated mon 16 mar 98


Ditmar/Gayle on sun 15 mar 98

Copper sulfide and copper sulfate are NOT one and the same !!!

The septic system cleaner you'll find at hardware stores is copper sulfate.
Blue crystals.
It's not a fertilizer. It kills plants. You put it through your pipes to
kill roots that have grown into them. It's also used as an algae killer in
ponds and such. Not the best choice environmentally for other organisms.

Copper sulfide is available from chemical supply companies. Unless there is
a specific reason for the sulfide, it would merely be oxidized and form
copper oxide at elevated temperatures. Copper oxide would probably be a
good substitute to begin with, since sulfur dioxide is the result of
oxidizing the sulfide, and it isn't good to breathe.

( At high enough temperatures the copper sulfate also oxidizes, so unless
there's a particular need, copper oxide again. )

If it indeed IS copper SULFIDE you need, e-mail me directly and I'll find
a source for you.

From Alohaland, Ditmar.