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basement studio set up progress and response info for all

updated fri 20 mar 98


KLeSueur on thu 19 mar 98

In a message dated 3/18/98 9:11:08 AM, you wrote:

<outlet? I'm also thinking about setting up studio space in a basement,
but it will be in a rented house and I would like to avoid any rewiring
if possible. I have a medium sized Skutt kiln, I think the model number
is 1027, it has three rings and there are elements in all the rings.>>

Whether or not you can plug your kiln into your dryer outlet depends on how
many amps your kiln draws and how many amps the outlet is rated for. You
should be able to find out how many amps can be put on the outlet by looking
in your electric panel. Your kiln should give the amps it draws at peak
temperatures. Keep in mind that you want about 10% more amps than the kiln
draws. So, if you have a kiln that draws 48 amps, a 50 amp breaker is really
not enough to provide a margin of safety.

Another thing to keep in mind: are you planning to also use this outlet for a
dryer. Plugging and unplugging appliances, including a kiln plug, causes loose
connections over time. Loose connections can cause fires.

Kathi LeSueur