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basement studio set up progress and response info for all

updated fri 20 mar 98 on thu 19 mar 98

I got a large metal cabinet, with 2 doors. I use this to put my pots on
their clay board or bats in. I close the doors so they can dry slowly and
hopefully evenly. I also have a large work bench, that my husband built a
small wood frame at one end. We filled it with plaster and now I have a
wedgeing board built right at the end of my work table. I have one of those
tall desk chairs I use to sit at the work bench to decorate and glaze my
pots. Oh and a sudio is not complete with out sheves, my husband built
sheveling on the bench. I put my glazes and everything but the kitchen sink
on. One shelf even hold my bats. I have several bendable desk type lamps
that I can move in the direction I need. One has a halegen bulb and I use
this to point in the direction of my wheel. Another one has a magifying
glass I also use for intricate painting work and extra light. My husband was
concerned about the clay and plumbling, so I took a 5 gallon bucket, punched
a hole about six inches up from the bottom. I pour my sluge from my bucket
in this and the worse settles to the bottom and the rest slowly drains out.
I occasionaly need to stick my potters tool in the hole to get it started. I
have been doing this for 6 years and yet to have a plumbling problem. I hope
this may be helpful and you can have fun in the mud. As for being in a
basement (I am) when you get lost in the clay you don't even notice. Oh,
another thought, I have bought one stand fan and several smaller one
(inexpensive) I point them in the direction of my window exhaust fan when I'm
working or when my kiln is firing. It helps to circulate the air and seems
less stuffy and basement smelling. When we our shopping and I start to go to
the fans my husband pulls me away, he is a fraid I will buy another one.

Karyl Koch

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