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co detectors

updated sat 21 mar 98


John Baymore on fri 20 mar 98

btw, well, this is about the CO detectror on a different thread. (not
about refiring, but something else, whatever.) i remember there exists
a CO detector, other than canaries. how does it work? using a
chemical reaction?

One of the best available for pottery kiln room uses is the Nighthawk with
the digital ppm display. Costs about =2460.00. There is a hard wired
version and a plug in model. 40F to 100F working range. Has time
weighted alarm points and continious display (0-999ppm) of current CO
levels. High CO reading memory store function. 85 db alarm. 5 year

You can find them at a good hardware store. Lacking that, Nighthawk
Systems is at 1-800-880-6788.

It is interesting to note that the OSHA limit for any 8 hour period is only
50 ppm. Actual discernable symptoms (slight dizzyness, headache, fatigue,
etc) don't tend to show up until you have about 200 ppm exposure for a few
hours. But at the lower levels CO is still bonding with hemoglobin.

These levels are researched for healthy adults. Those with illnesses
(particularly respiratory and cardiovascular) are affected more at lower
levels, as are children and pregnant women.

When I do fuel burning kiln installations /consulting work, I routinely
recommend their installation if one is not there already. Cheap insurance
and a good guage of how well your ventilation system is working. You can
consider the CO reading sort of a =22marker=22 (hell of a toxic marker =
=3Cg=3E) for
all of the other byproducts of combustion that are coming out of the kiln.
If you detect CO, all the other stuff (volitile metals, aldehydes, NOx,
sulphur compounds, etc.) is there too.

In a well designed kiln room you should never even get a reading on the
display. It is there to alert you to some sort of major =22screw up=22 with

Another useful device is a =22flamable gas=22 detector in (gas) kiln rooms.



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