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copper sulfate in glazes? think twice!!! safety!

updated mon 23 mar 98


Stephen Mills on sun 22 mar 98

I'm currently making small saggers in a 2 (UK) gallon bucket: hole in
the bottom (to help release), line with newspaper, lay in very coarsely
grogged clay, smooth off inside with a rib, tip it out, start another!
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In message , Lisa P Skeen writes
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>Build a saggar? Firebricks? Now THAT"S something I never heard of.
>Saggar, to me = a large pot with tight lid that holds 1 or more smaller
>pots and combustibles/colorants, etc. Said item would then be placed
>inside the kiln to be fired w/ everything else.
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>On Thu, 19 Mar 1998 15:12:00 -0500 Kenneth Poe
>>I don't know what you are using to build your saggar,
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