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wood firers at nceca

updated thu 26 mar 98


LOWELL BAKER on mon 23 mar 98

Just to help us identify each other at NCECA,glue a wooden match to
your name tag. I hope to see and talk to you at the breakout panel
on Friday.

Isn't it fun being part of a secret group?

The Slack-DeBrock Family on tue 24 mar 98

Lowell I just had to share this story with you and the other wood-firers,
after seeing your note about a wooden match on your name label. Though I
can't be at NCECA this year- I will be hoping to hear all about it on
Clayart! Anyways, we recently bought a piece of land next door to where
I'm building my new studio and gallery, the spot where I have already built
a kiln shed which houses my fastfire Olsen wood burning delight. This new
land holds a house and garage with about 50 years of accumulated stuff from
a sweet but compulsive collector, who is now in a nursing home. We've been
dismantling everything, and today was the day to push in the remains of a
huge shop/garage and put a match to it. the town shop guys were all there,
everybody was stopping to check out the activity, the wind was calm.....up
it went. After about 20 minutes the fire was really having its glory...I
mean tinder dry rafters and 2x6 siding.....and of course I was loving this,
and the fire is raging about 30 or 40 feet high, and this fellow next to me
says- hey those flames are orange- that means it's really hot! I'm glancing
over at the kiln shed next-door, thinking of the last firing when we did go
to cone 12, maybe 13????, and had to just smile. Now I regret that I didn't
place a pot in there just for the fire of it! What a great day. Wish you
all could have been there! Have a superb NCECA!

River Run Pottery

LOWELL BAKER on wed 25 mar 98

Technology has hit me full in the face. I have not been able to
digitize the slides some of you sent. My solution to keeping this
breakout visual is to go out and buy the best slide viewer I can
afford. Bring your slides and we will talk.