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on-line mineral gallery

updated thu 26 mar 98


Marc Kiessling on wed 25 mar 98

Hello All:
Found this really cool site while surfing last night.

It's an on-line mineral gallery at
Contains photo's and discriptions of most of the minerals found today.
Puts a 'face' on alot of the stuff we buy as bags of white powder.
(ie: Wollastonite, Spodumene, Pyrophyllite, etc.)

Now if I could only buy a bag of ground 'Goosecreekite' (Hydrated Calcium
Aluminum Silicate) because it sounds cool or perhaps some
'Cuprosklodowskite' (Hydrated Copper Uranyl Silicate) for that
glow-in-the-dark pot I've always wanted.

'Neat site'!! Go have a peek.
Regards, Marc (Victoria, B.C., Canada)