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updated sat 28 mar 98


Levesque-OBrien on thu 26 mar 98

Folks - Went to NYC for the day and stumbled across a gallery of Japanese
Pottery, don't remember if is has been put on the list or not. If so, it
can't hurt to have it again. It had a variety of modern Japanese ceramics
and a few American potters obviously using Anangama style kilns ( including
Shapiro, Rowan(?)).
The name is: Sara, 952 Lexington Ave., Between 69th and 70th. (212)772-3243
Also hit the Japanese gallery on the sixth floor above Garth Clark on 57th
St. - stunning stuff!! Can't remember the name at present, sorry.
I was amazed again at the stunning Shapiro fountain(if that is the right
description) in the Japanese section of the Metropolitan. It was
disappointing to note the lack of Pottery there, but the fountain is worth
the trip.
Cheers, Rand O'Brien
PearTree Pottery
Dover, NH
(603) 743-6945

Robert Yellin on fri 27 mar 98

The name of the gallery above Garth Clark is Gallery Dai
and it does show a great selection of Japanese ceramics(call for their
latest catalog-ask for Beatrice),as well as Shapiro, Chaleff, and
Wright. Many of the Japanese potters were introduced by me and thus
anyone interested in Japanese ceramics should DeFiNeTeLy stop by!
From Numzau,
Robert Yellin