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glaze chemistry sources (was: re: leaching)

updated mon 30 mar 98


Gavin Stairs on sun 29 mar 98

Hi Grace,

There are several sources for information and calculation help, and
(almost) all of them have an association with this list.

First, there are at several people who regularly consult over the net with
people like you who need help. Ron Roy is a list mainstay. For formal
consulting I think he usually charges $10 to reformulate a glaze, but if
you're lucky, he may decide to do it free on the list. Tony Hansen is also
a list regular. He is the author of the Insight glaze calculation program
and also of an excellent introductory text for all of this, Magic of Fire.
All of this and more is available at . Ron Roy
uses Insight, as do several others on this list. David Hewitt and Tom Buck
also appear on the list from time to time, and all of the above have
interesting and instructive articles for you to read at the website cited

Now, apart from that, there are at least two other excellent programs
available. One is Glazechem, which was written by Bob Wilt, and is
available from his website , which can also
be reached from the CeramicsWeb site at
. This site has lots
of other instructive stuff too, and a few more programs which may be of

Then there's the Glaze Calculator from Seegreen at
. This one is an excellent program, but the
materials are more suited to european japanese potters.

In addition to these, there are many instructive website and books which
you will see cited on the list from time to time. Read everything!


At 08:25 AM 28/03/98 EST, Grace wrote:
>... what is a good source to read to
>learn what you so easily report to me ?