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my nceca vacation (part 1)

updated wed 1 apr 98


Mishy Lowe on tue 31 mar 98

I went to NCECA as a mom's pottery retreat. I homeschool my four kids,
teach clay part-time out of my home studio and make pots mostly for myself,
for my soul. I do sell a bit too, but very low volume.

I also went, with high hopes of meeting so many of you net-friends, fellow
clay lovers and generally good spirited people. My hopes were not in vain,
what a wonderful four day adventure, going from conversation to
conversation, lecture to demo to clayart room, WHOA, really incredible.

I arrived Tuesday evening and met up with an IRC net-friend, Nan
Coffin-Welty from Indiana. She and I had an enjoyable afternoon and
evening getting to know each other in person (we've talked on computer for
at least six months or more), and swapped mugs that we had brought.

Wednesday we went on the morning tour to the Dallas museums (Irving Art
Center, the university and the Dallas museum). We had a great group and
spent five hours marvelling over the wondrous shows in all of these places.
I shot some pictures on this trip but didn't figure out to turn off the
flash for better lighting til we were at the museum and flash wasn't
allowed (d'oh). So my earlier pictures of pots from the Irving Center and
the university aren't as true to color and have some reflection from the

I will be posting all my NCECA pictures on a web page very soon and will
let you all know the URL when they are up.

Wednesday afternoon I didn't want to sit on a bus and travel again, so
stayed and browsed the commercial exhibits for likely purchases (goodies to
take home).
I found some fun things to buy, and got an obligatory t-shirt for Paul to sign.
Ran into more net-friends and popped into the clayart room when I needed to
sit for a bit to absorb information or rest my feet. I think the
commercial exhibits are a very important and valuable part of the
conference, I spend lots of time there and always feel like I learn a lot
just from looking at products and vendors.

Over the four days, in the *wonderful* clayart room (Thanks Mel!), I got
the pleasure of meeting sweetheart Ron Roy, legend Nils Lou, magnanimous
Mel, fireball Dannon Rhudy, Alice and Feriz from ITC, Tony and Sheila
Clennell (I *loved* their mugs), Veronica Shelford, Bacia Edelman, Kevin
Caulfield, Linda Blossom, Kristen Giles, David Hendley, Doug Grey, Vince
Pitelka, Rafael Molina-Rodriguez and so so many others, everyone wonderful,
good natured and having fun. Sorry for any mis-spelled names and I wish I
could name you all!

The Trinity show, of Texas potters, was really great, over in the Bank One
building, although I never did get back over there to photograph pots from
that show. I also enjoyed the NCECA honors and fellows show in the Modern
Museum's satellite across the street from Bank One.

I'm going to stop here for now and continue this in another installment.
(I think I'll call it My NCECA vacation (part 2) ;-)

I hope you all don't think I'm bragging (even if I am)...but someone
emailed me and said something about sharing some of our impressions so,
that's my excuse!

Mishy, starting to settle back in to real-life

Michelle Lowe, potter in the Phoenix desert \|/ | -O- | | /|\ | | |
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