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nceca and elca as green mist

updated thu 2 apr 98


Marcia Selsor on tue 31 mar 98

Dear Elca,

This NCECA was really great especially now 'cause I know what Mel's voice
sounds like and his grip feels like to go with that "Cover boy" face and those
great pots and the cyberstories.
Mishy has a lovely smile to go with her desert cactus clayart signature, David
Hendley is a gentle soul, Alice and Feriz (ITC) are very gracious, Dannon's
eye ball is red but recovering well and her
Texan accent is sweet + thick as molasses, Mark and Sheryl from Tennessee (I
hope I get all these right) were really fun to chat with, I got Wendy
Hampton's bowl which allows me to imagine her on a beach somewhere in the NW
digging clams and firing raku, Nils looks almost as serious as Ron Roy!
Richard Burkett's face is thinner and has finer features then my giant
imagined presence from Ceramics on the Web. Then there was that green mist
when Feriz was taking that photo of the ceiling! Hey, who got my mug? It
doesn't look like much but it was my latest favorite-comfy and out of our new
soda kiln.
I loved the Texas Potters' Bus Tour to Dallas on Saturday afternoon. The shows
were great, the buses timely and the Gin (as in cotton) Factory was a really
ideal situation with floors of huge studios like the Clay Studio in Philly,
the Torpedo Factory in DC.-met some interesting non-clay artists there with
cool artists' rat packed treasures. The catered Tex Mex dinner was wonderful.
The Texas Methodists Univ. shows were great especially the historic pueblo
pots and old photos. The museum there has some Murillo potraits of the patron
saints of pottery, Justa and Rufina.
In all, it added a renewal of the human factor that NCECA has been out growing
over the years. -my first was in 1971 in Wisconsin -on the Board in 1990.-and
I have only missed Ann Arbor, New Orleans and San Antonio in all those years,
twice because I was out of the country doing clay stuff..
Clayarters have renewed the human factor, the exchange of ideas and sharing.
THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VISITED as Mel pointed out.. I'd be glad to chip in
next year.
Marcia in Montana
PS My horse plaques made it on the CM poster, feel like its on the cover of
Rolling Stone! whadda surprise!(excuse the bragging)
> > message----------------------------
> > IDid anyone notice a wispy pale green(with envy) cloud of clay dust
> > hovering near the ceiling? That was me,in spirit and in envy joining
> > you
> > happy clay and play makers..Reports, please ,on what we missed but not
> >
> > too glowing(around cone o9) or we might implode from jealousy.
> > Elca home in Sarasota,Florida
> >
> > _____________________________________________________________________
> >

Dannon Rhudy on wed 1 apr 98

This was a most interesting NCECA, for lots of reasons, not least
of which was the Clayart room. It was really a terrific idea,
and a great place to find people, meet people, watch, listen,
smile. I didn't get to spend a lot of time there, but when I
WAS there, always something interesting by way of conversation,
laughter, idea. The evening of the cup exchange was great -
people wall-to-wall, I sort of stood in the closet with Doug Gray,
no room elsewhere - but the door was open. I got an absolutely
wonderful mug from Kevin Caufield (I know where that came from,
Kevin - there are no secrets). There were lots of really nice
things that people brought to exchange. Among those that stay
in my mind's eye are a couple of elegant shino's made by Liz
Willoughby; a wonderful faceted mug by Jim Connell, a chocolate
colored piece by I think Pete Pinnell, David Hendley's colorful
footed mug - but there were many, many - it is easier to remember
the piece than the name on it, visual sort that I am.

There were forty - FORTY - clay exhibitions, connected with NCECA.
Didn't see them all, but saw a lot. More about this later,
after some consideration. On overload, right now.

Jack Troy did a great woodfire workshop at University of North
Texas prior to NCECA. A remarkable pleasure. A good group;
Jack is very skilled at engaging a dialogue with participants.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the whole (three day) thing. There
was a group of high school students from Laramie, WY, who
participated, and they were an absolute delight. They worked
hard, knew what they were doing - great stuff.

Enough already. I'll think of things later. And I do NOT have
a Texas accent, Marcia, that must have been someone else you
heard. David Hendley, probably. Still, congrats on CM poster.
Good on you!

Dannon Rhudy

......This NCECA was really great especially now 'cause I know what
Mel's voice
sounds like and his grip feels .........