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studio/garage heating

updated fri 3 apr 98


DianeS1234 on thu 2 apr 98

To further insulate the windows there is a 3M Window Insulator Kit which
temporarily doubles the insulation. Double-sided tape goes around the frame
and then clear plastic (cut to fit) is pressed on the tape. A hair dryer
shrinks the film until it is taut. This creates an air pocket which cuts heat
loss and drafts. If you're careful when you peel the film off in the spring,
it can be saved and used again. (Not forever, it does quit shrinking at some
I have huge picture windows that I use this on every winter. It makes the
house much more comfortable and doesn't look bad (it's actually hard to see).
You should be able to find this at any of the big DIY stores, ACE hardware,
I'm in the process of converting my garage too. We tore the chicken coop down
and I need a place to work!
Diane in Tucson, where the saguaros are fat and sassy!