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1999 nceca, 30 acres and a kiln

updated fri 10 apr 98


rscorl on thu 9 apr 98

Hey Ya'll Mudskippers,

Before I contact the NCECA people I thought I would throw this out to
ya'll (I've been in the south long enough now that I actually talk like

We will be on our 30 acres of wooded hillside by the time 1999 NCECA
conference in Columbus rolls around. We will be located about 1 hour NE
of the big city in the middle of corn and dairy and Amish land. I am
going to need a wood fired kiln or two to get Big Baby Head Pottery up
and running.

---The Question-----
Has anyone had experience with the NCECA people in holding an
off site workshop? AND to compound matters, I do not have enough
experience building kilns to lead the workshop! But I do have lots of
land. Any other suggestions to tie in with the NCECA event are welcome.

Any Master Kiln builders are welcome to contact me privately. I would
like to do this even if the NCECA thing doesn't tie in. I may even look
at becoming another Penland or Pitelkaland ;)!

By the way, although it may still be a little cool at that time of year,
and my studio may not actually be built yet, there is a lot of woods to
camp in. We should have a couple composting toilets built by the time
NCECA rolls around. A small lake should be dug by then and ya'll can
drink from our spring coming straight out of the hillside. The
springhouse was built by my Grandpa in 1964 and believe it or not Big
Baby Head Pottery is named after him.

I look forward to hearing from youin's (as they say back home in Ohio),


Big Baby Head Pottery