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burners and chimneys

updated fri 10 apr 98


Orion/Baker on thu 9 apr 98

I'd not be surprised in the least to see little feedback in favor of the
high-altitude kiln adjustments we've suggested, because the "normal"
response to needing more power (like in a car) is to "stomp down harder on
the gas pedal."

I fully expect the overwhelming "weight of experience" to favor many
valiant approaches to compensating for difficult high-altitude conditions
in what seem clever ways; yet, these conditions can be dealt with more
effectively and inexpensively by employing "the approach that science
indicates"* rather than by gas-pedal, turbo-charged reflex.

As I've always held, folks are welcome to believe "whatever," but "nature
is as nature does." (and I'm very fond of mother nature!)

A good day to all :)

Ellen Baker - Glacier, WA

*lower gas flow per burner + add more burners