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aomori low fire pottery

updated wed 15 apr 98


Lee Love on tue 14 apr 98

I just got back from a month visit to Japan.

One of the places we visited was the Shiko Munakata Museum in Aomori. I
saw some pottery in Aomori that looked like it used a Nuka white over
Temmoku, but I saw a little presentation on this pottery and found out that
it was low fire ware. Does anybody know about these lowfire Temmoku and
Nuka like glazes?

I also saw a wonderful show of Kanjiro Kawai's work at the
Mingeikan in Osaka and also a good show at the Mingeikan in Tokyo, of Kyushu
work. I'll try to put up information about these and other museums soon.

I'll t put up some photos from my trip on my webpage as soon as
I get them developed. I took over 50 rolls of photos.

/(o\' Lee In Saint Paul, Minnesota USA
\o)/' or