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leaking oil lamps

updated sun 26 sep 99


peacepttry on tue 14 apr 98

We have had the same trouble in the past with oil lamps leaking. Now we
spray a coating of clear enamel on the outside bottom of the pots and
haven't had any trouble since.
...---- Mindy

Peaceful Prairie Pottery

peacepttry on wed 15 apr 98

> From: Knox113
> To:
> Subject: Re: leaking oil lamps
> Date: Tuesday, April 14, 1998 6:51 AM
> Are you using a spray like Krylon Clear? Can't quite figure out what
> you are using. I have been coating with a liner from Axner which helps
> doesn't really cut it. Hope your solution will work for me.
> Knox (

Yes that's what we're using.We fire cone 10. All we spray is the outside
bottom of the pot. Not sure if clay body makes a difference. We've used it
on several different ones and it's worked great for us. Good
luck!------mindy I

Cindy Hart on sat 25 sep 99


I also fire to cone 6 and make oil lamps. I have them in my home and
have several friends who "beta" test for me. I use the lamp liner that was
mentioned earlier from Axner Pottery Supply. (phone 800 843-7057) My clay is
^4-6 and ^6-8. I do not glaze the inside,(per instructions with the liner)
just the outside. After the glaze firing I fill the lamps with the liner.
I make sure the inside is coated and then I empty them and let dry. This
sometimes takes a few days! The liner dries to what appears like a hard
plastic finish. This has worked for me and you may want to try it.
(We recently had a power outage and had them all was great!)

Cindy in Ossipee NH