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studio sizing

updated thu 16 apr 98


rscorl on tue 14 apr 98

Hey Mudskippers,

I have made some decisions about the building for Big Baby Head Pottery.
I would like to know some realistic sizes for a 2 person studio. It
seems like everyone I talk to would like a bigger studio but I
personally, enjoy more efficient use of space than enormous caverns.

We will produce large garden pots and garden related things, mostly
wood/single fired. My wife will do tiles and jewelry. We are looking for
enough output to become self sufficient, not to get rich.

Maybe what I really am looking for are things to avoid in studio design
and average space requirements for different activities i.e.. throwing,
glazing, mixing. The kilns will be undercover and outside the studio but
connected. I'd like to hear your ideas.


Big Baby Head Pottery

Berry Silverman on wed 15 apr 98

Ron, there were two things I underestimated space requirements for:
(1) shelving. Based on my experience, figure out what you need, then
double it. Remember those big orders you want from time to time to keep
you going , or the small orders that get interrupted and set aside for a
while by another order, or wares backing up because you're fixing your
kiln, etc., etc. More shelving.
(2) More storage. If your ceiling is high enough, you can put racks or
shelves up high, but you will need extra storage for the pieces of
equipment you use only twice a year or the good buy on something that
you couldn't pass up, even though it's a year's supply. Believe me,
there's plenty of stuff, and potters don't toss out stuff.
Berry Silverman
Tucson, AZ