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my studio design

updated fri 17 apr 98


Olivia T Cavy on thu 16 apr 98

I'm in the process of designing the interior of my studio. (I'm so
excited because this may actually get built this spring!) It is
rectangular, with an interior size of 25 by 17 feet (approx 7.6 by 5.2
meters) with lots of windows on one of the 25 foot sides- the one with
the view! We expect to install in-floor hot water heating (LPG fueled).
I'll have hot & cold running water. What needs to be done now is place
those things that are better done before or during construction- like
heat, electricity, plumbing, door, windows, vents, etc.

May I email/fax/send a copy of the tentative plans to anyone with
experience who would be willing to look at my rough plans and give
advice? Also, any general advice not related to my specific plans would
be great. There has been a lot written over the few years that I've been
on Clayart so it's not necessary to duplicate anything you've read here
(because I've read it too).

I'm moving my Skutt 7 cu ft electric kiln in there with the Envirovent,
and when the time comes for a gas kiln, it will have to be outdoors. I've
been using mostly porcelain to ^6 and mostly wheel throwing. I don't plan
to become a production potter.


Bonnie D. Hellman
Pittsburgh, PA
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