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fw: continuing tile search

updated sun 19 apr 98


Charles Bigger on sat 18 apr 98

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From: Charles Bigger
To: Multiple recipients of list CLAYART
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 1998 4:49 AM
Subject: Tile Search

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My present tile supplier (Quarry Tile from Spokane, Wa.) has changed their
clay body and firing methods. As a result, their new product isn't suitable
for my needs. Can anyone help me find a new manufacturer? Please don't pass
on tile distributors unless you're sure of the info, ok? Many distibutors
aren't really informed about all the products a manufacturer may have.
I need this specific product:
1. 4x4 (nom.) floor tile.....floor tile only NOT wall tile
2. unglazed
3. low bisque (cone 010 to 06 or thereabouts), re-fireable to
about cone 3/4/5
4. NON-TALC CLAY BODY...this is very important...most of the unglazed
bisque is white/talc body.
5. white or red with englobe body
6. must pass all A.S.T.M. standards for floor application
Thanks, C. Bigger--Seattle, Wa.