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single burner kiln

updated sat 18 apr 98


Plaznclay on fri 17 apr 98

I recently purchased an updraft kiln (soft, hard bricks, shelves, and one
burner blower) that I would like to convert to a downdraft kiln. This kiln
was originally 12.5 cubic feet. I have twice as much brick as needed to set
it up as it was originally so I am also thinking or increasing the size if
This will be my first attempt at building a kiln. I have been reading "The
Kiln Book" by Olsen and looking for kiln plans and articles on kiln building
where ever I can find them. It seems that downdraft designs require more then
one burner blower regardless of size of kiln. Is there a downdraft design
that would use only one burner blower?
A crossdraft design was suggested to me by a friend. I have not been able to
find any plans for a single chamber crossdraft kiln. Anyone know of any plans
for or had any experience with a single chamber crossdraft kiln?
I probably should mention that I will be firing with propane.

Any suggestions or words of advice appreciated.

Jennifer Dubats