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your wood kiln

updated sun 19 apr 98


Gary Hatcher on sat 18 apr 98

Your wood kiln is in Troup, Texas. About 500,000 firebrick and some
insulating brick are available for 10 cents each in Troup, Texas. In
1943 a tunnel kiln was built for firing hard refractory shapes. Two guys
named the Buncom Corporation (not a joke) bought the 25 acres, building
and contents from A.P. Green and are tearing the kiln down and selling
the brick. It is going quick. For anyone within driving distance wanting
to build a wood kiln this is probably one of the last great fire brick
deals of the century. If you want some of the brick take 110 south from
Tyler, Texas to Troup. From there go out of town towards Arp. The plant
is about one mile out on the left. There is no phone number but check at
the Farmers Cafe to get the gate unlocked. Wait two weeks and you will
be too late.

Gary C. Hatcher