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woodfire alabama

updated wed 22 apr 98


KellDogn on tue 21 apr 98

What a weekend!! rain,,,, rain.... and more.... rain.... not weather for
firing but what good results!! When Lowell says three inches of rain I'm sure
it was all of that. Lowell Baker's kiln is nice! good ash ! Sawdust burner is
amazing. With it we could raise the temprature of the kiln 100-150 degrees in
very sort time 30 minutes... or less..... Awesome. Maybe next time I'll be
hoping for rain. Laguna B-mix works well in wood fire as it would I'll bet in
Salt. Thanks Lowell!!

Meanwhile back at Alabama State University in Montgomery we just fired our
updraft very evenly from ^06 -^10 big improvement... hope the glazes liked it.
This is our fifth firing in this newly refurbished gas kiln.

Chris Greenman
Alabama State University