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brown copper reds

updated thu 23 apr 98


Ian Thompson on wed 22 apr 98

Hi! I've just joined the list so I missed the beginning of this
discussion, but here's what we were taught at college to get really
brilliant, transparent copper reds:
you need - a low copper content e.g..1%
high borax content e.g. .3 -.4 molecular parts
soda rather than potash feldspar
some tin oxide
low alumina
moderate reduction - reduce from 900 -950 until 1230, then soak and
oxidise to maturity.

If it comes down to fiddling with the temp and timing of reduction, I
suggest you try using draw rings (you know, bisqued rings dipped in
glaze and placed near the spy hole so you can take them out at different
intervals to check glaze maturity). Hope this is of some help, Amanda
Watson-Will, Brisbane, Australia