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explaining the sawdust burner.

updated thu 23 apr 98


LOWELL BAKER on wed 22 apr 98

Tim: I can explain the burner but I fear not briefly. I designed the
system in the mid 70s and it has been published several places. I am
talking to Nils Lou about its inclusion in his new book. I
understand that is a go. I am continually modifying the system but
at the most simple level you can find an old Kirby vacuum claener and
remove everything but the motor. Duct tape a tube to the output
point it toward your kiln. Add a metal extention to that end of
metal exhaust pipe about three feet long. Duct tape a tube to the
input end and feed sawdust in that end.

When blown into a hot kiln you get a very hot flame. The burner I
just described will fire a normal raku kiln in minutes.

I can send you more detailed information but I will direct you to the
CM of September 1977, where the burner was first published. I have
less hair now and I don't dress like that any more. Not to say I
don't still dress funny.

I do workshops and am happy to go anywhere and build the
newer more automated systems.

W. Lowell Baker
The university of Alabama