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updated sat 25 apr 98


Linda P. Stauffer on thu 23 apr 98

Does anyone have anysuggestions for building displays for craft fairs.
What works best, tables or shelves? I have an E Z Up canopy. I want
something that is relatively easy to put up and transport, yet stable .

Macsidhe on fri 24 apr 98

Hi Linda!

After experimenting for several years, the display I've come up with that
A) is stable, even on irregular terrain and in weird weather, B) displays
stock effectively, and C) is luggable and easily assembled by one irritable
undercaffeinated middle aged woman who's usually doing this alone at
ridiculously early hours of the morning... involves using a pair of four- or
five-step stair "stringers" mounted to 4x4 upright posts with turned spindles
to tie the uprights together and shelving running between the pair of
stringers. All the components are stock lumber and the shelving and 4x4's can
be cut to size free or cheaply at the lumber yard. The setup yields a huge
amount of display space in the same # of frontage feet a table would occupy,
and because the shelves are staggered, no piece is "hidden " by another.
Shelf width can be varied to suit the items displayed, and the stringers can
be used upside down to give a wider spacing between the shelves. Tying the
stringers to the uprights with another spindle gives additional
stability--check the "deck builing supplies" at the lumberyard for spindles
already cut to the right angle at the ends to use as cross pieces.
I've used a combination of grey-stained pressure treated lumber (wear
gloves when handling this) and weathered barnwood--the neutral tones show off
almost any glaze color-- but the setup can be finished any way you like.

Hope this helps-- if you'd like a more detailed sketch of the setup, please
email me with information on how to send it to you.