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wood fire questions

updated sun 26 apr 98


Alan Hathaway on fri 24 apr 98

a couple questions

1. what kind of kiln shelves do potters use in wood fire kilns? Is is =
to use silicon carbide or are cheaper shelves just as good?

2. do you use anything for kiln wash and if so what?

3. what mixture do you use to make the wads of clay used between pots in a =
fire kiln? And, do you use small wads of clay to lift the pots off kiln =

Happy Potting

LOWELL BAKER on sat 25 apr 98

I use clay/cordorite shelves. I sometimes wash them but
I always dust them with flint or very fine sand. The dusting is about
1/4-1/2 inch thick. It is reusable. just dump it into a bucket,
screen it gently and use it again. as with all silica, avoid
breathing the dust.

W. Lowell Baker
The University of Alabama