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tiles in pool"decking"

updated mon 27 apr 98


DianeS1234 on sun 26 apr 98

I am working on an proposal for an installation at a community pool that will
include tiles on the horizontal surfaces (i.e. around the pool where the kids
will run all over them) as well as on the vertical surfaces. Obviously I need
to have the horizontal tile surfaces be non-slip.

Question: Are Amaco Velvet underglazes durable after being fired to Cone 6?
I've read all the books I have and Zakin says that they are fluxed and are
durable without being covered with a clear glaze. Can someone tell me if they
would work in this case? Am I better off trying colored engobes or inlaying
colored clay? (The Amaco web site was not helpful.)

Thank you, thank you and thank you. Diane in Tucson, peering out from under a
giant cloud of pollen and dust.