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dioxin where?

updated thu 30 apr 98


Toni Hall on wed 29 apr 98

I have a question about the statement that Dianna Abell made about EPK
containing dioxin. I THOUGHT I was keeping up with the toxic substances in
glazing and pottery, but this one had completely escaped me until this post.
Can someone please enlighten me? What is dioxin, I mean I know it is a toxic
substance, but what does that have to do with glazes? And what does that have
to do with EPK in particular?
My gosh, just when I thought I knew where to find all the monsters, another
one pops up that I never heard of. Are we getting too carried away and
fearful, or were we just that ignorant in the past about the hazards of
pottery? In my line of work, I face the potential of exposure to life
threatening disease almost daily. I come home to my pottery shop for
relaxation and a creative outlet. Now I am beginning to wonder if work or
play is most dangerous. Can someone help me out here before I take the
attitude of "what the heck, there are risk everywhere and I think I'll mix
some more of that beautiful manganese glaze I like so much". I really don't
want to sound flipant, but I fell ambushed and I am not sure if I dropped the
ball, or are we becoming over reactive. Thanks, Toni in NM
PS, Please don't send me to the archieves. I am not above looking it up for
myself, in fact I would rather do that than ask for help, but I have never
successfully found anything I was looking for in there, so I have given up on
those searches.