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copper transmutation glazes

updated tue 12 may 98


John Tilton on mon 11 may 98

I was speaking to a friend yesterday who is also a collector of both
contemporary and antique art pottery, and he was telling me, with great
enthusiasm, about what he called copper transmutation glazes. I took him
to mean those glazes which are in the copper red family, but which are
not all red---which may have any or all of red, green, pink, purple,
white and which also may have some crystal areas. I guess that flambe`s
and peach blooms fall into this class, but he was mentioning glazes
which look like a peacock feather.

He mentioned the Ruskin Pottery and a Frenchman around the turn of the
century named " Dal Pratt" ? --at least that is what I heard. He also
spoke of Brother Thomas as someone contemporary doing this sort of

Does anyone have any knowledge of this subject so that I might have a
stepping off point in my research? It looks to me that they are copper
reds which have been spiked with boron, at least Brother Thomas's do,
but my initial thoughts are always wrong.

Thanks in advance for the help.


John Tilton
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