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updated fri 15 may 98


Lou Mycock on wed 13 may 98

Dear All,

I work for a publishing company in Hong Kong. We're currently working
on a book for publication in the local market about art appreciation for
Grade 6 students. We're translating the text from Chinese into English
and are encountering some difficulties in getting the technical terms
right for the chapter we have on ceramics. Do you know of any good
resources on the Internet which will unlock the mysteries of this
terminology for us? We particularly need to be able to list and identify
the different parts of a bowl because, as you can probably imagine,
Chinese pottery is dealt with in detail but beyond 'rim' and 'base'we're
getting hopelessly tangled up!

Your help is much appreciated.


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Margaret F Patterson on thu 14 may 98

For help in translating pottery terms, try the Pottery Workshop in
Hong Kong -- Lower Albert Road, if my memory
serves me. (Which from time to time, it does!! And other times, well

If you can't locate the telephone number or the address, e-mail me
privately at and I will find the info for you.

Margaret Patterson in Atlanta -- USA