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updated mon 18 may 98


NgtvSpace on wed 13 may 98

I believe that you can get any more minimal or formal than a pot. I wonder
when this form if ever will be brought in or even understood in art schools?


NgtvSpace on sun 17 may 98

Craig and Claypeople:

I also can have a belligerent attitude towards theory and rhetoric, thats why
I think its important for artists to learn how to talk about there work,
especially clay people, I dont believe in just making objects for the sake of
making objects, the world is full of objects, aesthetics deals with techno
winnie stuff in regards to the content of your work, because ceramics lives in
the parameters of history and tradition we have to understand the context from
which we are working from. Most Art Programs exclude the specific formal and
historical issues pertaining thru ceramics, ceramics is always understood from
the stand point of trends in painting and sometimes sculpture, it is never its
own entity to the non-clay artist or academic.If we only develop shop talk,
thats were we will remain in the shop.
Definitely check out Lucy Lippards new book, I think it pertains to crafters
and local artisans who depend on tourism, I found it easy to read and very
enlightening. Also extremely useful has been Gombrich's book "The sense of
order", in which he cites treatisies on decoration sometimes conflicting one

I alsowant to apologize in advance I think I set up an automatic do-daad for
the e-mail retrieval, and an unfinished letter was sent.