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updated wed 20 may 98


Wendy Rosen on tue 19 may 98

If you would like your GUILD or ORGANIZATION listed as a resource in the
next Edition of Crafting As A Business please send the following info in

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>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>We have a group we call 'THE NEW JERSEY ARTISTS GUILD" ; we meet every month
>or two, discuss projects, problems, etc. We are all alumni of the Raritan
>Valley Community College Art Department; we are having a group show in July
>at the Prallsville Mill, in Stockton, New Jersey. There are about 12 of us in
>the group, all experienced and enthusiastic potters, some painters too, and
>some who do this to earn a living.
>If that kind of contact interests you, you can contact me at:
> or" or, of course, through the Clayart
>Marvin Flowerman

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