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updated mon 18 may 98


Louis Katz on sun 17 may 98

I have set my Clayart Subscription to NOMAIL until July 2 or so. Tuesday I
will be going to Columbus to plan next years NCECA, a week after returning I
will be going to Thailand to spend a month. I will probably be able to read my
email over there, but I can't say that I will have access every day.
I am hoping to have a good look at changes in the village since 1989, and
document them on video tape. If the filming is good I will produce a third
tape, making a trilogy.
I. Dankwean: A Thai Pottery Village
II. Beyond Dankwean: A look at pottery of other Thai Villages
III. Return To Dankwean: changes in Dankwean brought about by global crafts
marketing technological infrastructure.

Wednesday evening thru Saturday this week will be marathon sessions planning
and looking at facilities for the upcoming NCECA conference. I have read a
fair number of proposal and expect it to be a good conference. I see many
proposals for talks that I am interested in attending.

If you wish to contact me please email me at my normal email address: .
Until I read(type) with you again,