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updated thu 21 may 98


Paula clay on wed 20 may 98

Inspired by this talk of pottery guilds, here's a little advertisement for
Connecticut Clay Artists (CCA). This is a group of serious potters, ranging
from professionals earning their living in clay alone, to teachers, to part
timers. All of us have our own studios and we take turns hosting monthly
meetings. Each meeting has a program (planned during the summer), that usually
is hands-on. Team tea pot building was my favorite CCA program and I recently
brought the concept to my advanced high school pottery students, who also
loved it. CCA members show together, and sometimes order supplies as a group
to save $. The group is mainly in Fairfield County, CT. I, being in the
northern most point, do end up doing a lot of driving. Many of the members are
in southern Fairfield County. We meet the first wednesday of the month. In
June I am hosting a meeting here in Sherman. We will be making our own tools
and brushes. Much of my research for this project was done on Clayart. It is
my job to report on relevant Clayart topics each month. A guild or group is
wonderful because by nature, most potters live a solitary professional life.
The sharing that is possible with a group- from books and videos to
encouragement and problem solving- is wonderfully supportive. Anyone in the
general area, looing for a group to join, can contact me. Paula Sibrack, 5
Benchmark, Sherman, CT 06784 (860) 350-2102