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clay guild

updated sun 24 may 98


Mark Issenberg on thu 21 may 98

after reading about Earl looking for guilds for news letters , I was
wondering if there are any groups like that in Ga or Tenn
I was going to start loading my studio into my pickup and
trailer and drive it to Lookout Mtn and put it in storage till I get my
barn built. I have NOT sold my house here yet
Mark in Miami

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SharonC on sat 23 may 98

Hi everyone. We have a guild here in London, (southwestern) Ontario.
(Canada) We are approx. 90 members strong. Have set up a studio for
which approx 50 members use it and pay additional fees. We meet every
month from Sept. to May with a little Raku/Potluck party in June to
celebrate end of the year. Our studio has approx 8 elect. wheels, two
elect. kilns firing to ^6, we supply the glazes and members can purchase
clay through the studio as we order a large quantity for the purposes of
classes and for members convenience. Our executive volunteers handle
all the organizing of keeping the guild running smoothly. We have two
volunteers who take care of the studio, loading & unloading kilns,
mixing glazes, keeping up supplies...... I personally handle our
newsletter and have set up a website at If you have a chance to check
it out, any comments are welcome and thanks for checking us out. There
is a little bit about how this guild started under Guild History. We
post our newsletter for those members with internet. If you would like
to suggest some good clay sites to link to, please email me. (the
address is on the site)
As I have already posted, and many people have replied already,
my husband, a computer programmer wrote an excellent Point of Sale
program. The Guild used it for our last sale in May and was a
tremendous success. We will be offering it for sale very shortly for a
low cost of $150.00. If anyone is interested, we will be putting
together some information and posting to a website in the near future.
I'll advise when that info is available. This program allows you to
link many computers (the computers you use must have the capability of
networking) to speed up customer sales. It tracks what each potter has
sold, item description (i.e. mug, vase, bowl), the price, totals it and
can even deduct any appropriate table fee the potter must pay to be in
the sale. Total sales can be checked at any time (as well as any
potters total sale) during the sale. It also breaks down the totals by
method of payment (cash, cheque, visa, m/c..). When entering a sale, it
is quite quick and calculates any change due back to the customer. This
avoids human errors and it is the first time our float was correct!