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questions about galleries ii

updated sat 23 may 98


Cheryl Fisher on fri 22 may 98

Somehow I messed up and didn't finish my previous post so I'll try

"I have just become involved in a local gallery in an arts area of town.
It just opened in March. I'm a little leary at this point. I had an
appointment last week to come in check inventory and it was cancelled
due to dental problems. I understand that. Called back and left message
that I could come the next day at 5:00 or Saturday or Monday. Did not
get a call back so I went at 5:00."

The door was locked, shades closed music blaring. (By the way the
gallery is supposed to be open Tuesday through Friday 11-6 and Saturday
11-4, Mondays by appointment.)
I left and went home. Called the next day. Set up a time for Tuesday at
3:00. Got there - door was locked but they answered and we went over
inventory but Ihad to set up a time to pick up check next day and drop
two other things off. Got a call on machine so and so has come to pick
up his work, they would not be there could I come the following day
(Today or Friday)? Called machine again said I could be there today at
4:00. Got a call back (answering machine again) that was not convenient
for her (even though it was a choice) could I come tomorrow (Friday)?
Called back said that was not convenient for me. Person was also on the
other line - (blah, blah, blah).

Maybe I'm being bitchy but I'm getting a little leary about dealing with
right brained person. But is not my time as important as the other
artists? Is this an indication of problems to be. I understand going
over inventory, particularly sinces, it's a new gallery but should this
person not already have receipts they wrote for sales that they should
have been able to add up and take their percentage? (We're not talking
big money right now but who knows?) Should a gallery not keep a previous
appointment when another artist shows up to pick something up? Am I
making sense? Should I be concerned?