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updated wed 27 may 98


NgtvSpace on tue 26 may 98

Hey Clayarters:

Although I graduated from my MFA program (I can only teach at the University
level), I decided to stay in Boston another year in order to get a teaching
certificate to be able to teach in public schools, preferrably teenagers with
BAD attitudes, I have some options for studio space and I still have acess to
the school facilities...However I'm drowning in debts, my apartment is very,
very expensive, I have until July before my lease is up, I dont really know
the area, but does anybody know information about live in studio spaces? I'm
willing to commute into Boston, so I'm also looking in Providence because its
less expensive, I am looking for a loft or industrial space, that is
reasonable priced and not to trendy. Please, if anybody has any suggestions
I'd greatly appreciate it.