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updated tue 15 sep 98


gatos on wed 27 may 98

I just got back from Columbus where we planned the '99 NCECA conference.
There were a bunch of good proposals. I am excited about the amount of clay
that there is in and around Columbus, and I am trying to find a way to sign up
for the preconference Claybelt tour.

I was asked by Michel Conroy, the new Exhibitions chair to send this
information to you.
The NCECA'99 Clay National will have an entry postmark date of September 18,
'98. The Exhibition will run 3/10-4/18, '99.
I do not yet know any details about the Student Exhibition , but will let you kn

I will be off in Thailand until the end of June.


gatos on fri 11 sep 98

Hello Clayart, Hello Michel,

Got this out before the storm. Campus is closing, covering equipment,
rolled the clay inside. About to cover my computer but decided to read
my email first.Covering Slides.

Actually we will probably just get a lot of rain, but the sea is up a
few feet and the new elevated roadway is getting wet, my car will get a
saltwater bath on the way home tonight.

If you have never entered the national, it is a very high visibility
show and is worth your application. IMHO
Louis Katz
Offline for a wee bit.


Would you please post this on Clayart?

1999 NCECA Clay National Exhibition
Hosted by the Columbus Cultural Arts Center March 10 - April 18 in
with the 33rd Annual NCECA Confernce in Columbus, Ohio March 17-20.
Jurors: Tre Arenz (Austin, TX), Bob Brady (Berkeley, CA), Ron
(Athens, GA)
Postmark deadline: Sept. 18, 1998
Entry fee: Free to current NCECA members. All others, $20 for
For an entry form, contact Regina Brown at 800-99-NCECA. For any other
questions, contact Michel Conroy at

Thanks Louis. -M.

Michel L. Conroy
Department of Art and Design
Southwest Texas State University
San Marcos, TX 78666-4616

Louis Katz on mon 14 sep 98

Hello Clayart,
I have put the NCECA National prospectus copy online. A Beautiful
prospectus was sent out in the mail about six weeks ago to NCECA

I am sorry that the prospectus wasn't up online sooner. We are working
on a clear calendar that lists all important deadlines for NCECA and the
conference. It will help members and nonmembers to understand what where
and when.

NCECA 1999 CLAY NATIONAL Prospectus and Entry Forms:


BTW I have some new work on my web site at

Also, My webstie on/from Using the Web as an Art medium taught this
summer at: