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updated fri 5 jun 98


Theresa L. Jones on thu 4 jun 98

Amy, this may not be pleasant for you but try putting out mothballs to keep
away critters. We had skunks under our house a few years ago (and yes, they
sprayed) and this is what we did, along with a radio playing rap and a light
(another option).

If you don't mind a partner, you have a unique opportunity to start a new
line of designs here. Put the wet pots out and let Rocky decorate for you.
Maybe you could put some slips out for him to walk in first before he gets
to the pots.

Let me know how you keep your deer so disciplined. I'm at war with the ones
here, and they're winning the battle of the roses.
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> I moved my wheel outside to my covered patio in April. I have my kiln out
> there also, along with the shelves, etc. This is a new setup for me, so
> I need to build various shelving thingies, etc. I can hose this all off,
> it is pretty convenient, compared to the garage, which is on the upper
> level. I have a "studio" room in the basement that opens onto the patio,
> I can go back into the air-conditioned comfort to glaze, etc.
> So far this is working out pretty good with a few exceptions. This
> it was 93 degrees, but this morning was pretty comfortable. I try to throw
> in the morning. In April, I was throwing with hot water in the mornings...
> The biggest downside I have found to all this, so far, besides the giant
> starving mosquitoes in the afternoon, is the wildlife. This morning, I was
> visited by a large toad, who seems to live behind the kilns shelves, two
> chipmunks, a large rabbit, and numerous birds. The nocturnal visitor(s)
> to be the biggest problem...Rocky Raccoon has come & played in the slop
> then inspected all the pots left out (fortunately only fired ones were
> available at the time) and left tiny muddy handprints all over them. Then
> (she/they) went upstairs & ate all the goldfish in my "water garden" (large
> plastic bucket) (more handprints). I am considering a sign that says "Free
> Sushi". Maybe I should leave out wet pots with dead goldfish & see how
> get altered by the tiny handprints???
> So far the deer stay on their side of the fence...
> You would think I was in the country, but I'm in surburban Atlanta!
> Any suggestions as to the raccoon problem would be appreciated!!!
> amy parker Lithonia, GA

Theresa L. Jones