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updated fri 5 jun 98


Milton Markey on thu 4 jun 98

Hello Outdoor Ceramicists!

As one who lives in a desert environment, I can appreciate the efforts of the
Atlanta area writer who has to swat pesky mosquitos while concentrating on her
clay that's revolving on a wheel.

No there are no mosquitos here in the Mojave, but other bugs, such as fire
ants and noisy crickets can divert the attention of a devoted ceramic artist.
And these insects are the food for the chameleons, lizards, and black widow
spiders that lurk about in dark spaces.

My suggestion for keeping curious raccoons away from a vacant art
space--noise! If your closest neighbors are more than shouting distance from
your property, try tuning a portable radio to a "busy" music station. Or
devise a clanging kind of instrument, such as pie pans which catch wind and
hit one another. I tried the latter method when I lived in Indiana many moons
ago. It was quite effective in discouraging raccoons, rabbits, and birds from
the garden.

If the 'coons are immune to noise, utilize their presence, in the form of
footprints on clay. That way, you put the critters to work, and you now have a
unique texture for your art. If you can't beat 'em, make them work!

A devout fan of wildlife, desert landscapes, and ClayArt,

Milton MiltonsLin@AOL.COM