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updated wed 17 jun 98


Paula Sibrack on thu 11 jun 98

To whomever the wonderful person was at NCECA in Ft. Worth who left the pile
of bamboo on the table in the Clayart hospitality room: Many thanks. I took
some of it back to CT and used it last week for a tool workshop with my clay
group, CT CLay Artists. The workshop and the tools were smashing, thanks to
you. Into the bamboo we stuffed racoon and squirrel fur and also wild turkey
feathers. They all made fabulous brushes. A friend supplied me with wires that
fall off the street sweeping machines in Boston. Those can be heated with a
propane torch, bent and also inserted into the bambo with smaller holes. They
make beautiful trimming tools. So please identify yourself so I may properly
thank you. Gratefully, Paula Sibrack, in the woods of Sherman, CT.

sandra m benscoter on tue 16 jun 98

Hi Paula!

That was Mark Issenberg. Seems like quite a few of us, who took some
bamboo back home, owe him a huge thank you!!!


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