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updated mon 15 jun 98


Justin M. Smtih on sun 14 jun 98

The formula for SMOOZE:
by volume
1/3 vinegar
1/3 corn syrup
1/3 clay (the same clay body as the work)

Mix well. This stuff works well, even for mending cracks, but beware clean the
excess off the ware, when it drys it is a pain to sand off.
Good Luck
Kris Bliss wrote:

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> >----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> >Hello All,
> >
> >A former student mentioned that her new ceramics teacher used vinegar
> >instead of slip. Since As a ceramics novice and despite my research, I have
> >not come across anything like this. Is there a recipe for a vinegar
> >solution that can be used in place of slip? If so is it more effective than
> >slip? Does it work better on certain clays?
> >
> >Thanks for your replies!
> >
> >Janine A. Lee
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> i would suggest looking in the archives for the famous
> "spooze". many have used this with great results.
> ttfn kris
> Anchorage, Alaska