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ceramic studio for rent in tuscany

updated tue 16 jun 98


Diana Mannino on mon 15 jun 98

Saluti a tutti!

Here's a thought, perhaps a long-shot, but there's a good chance that
someone out there might be interested:

I'm looking for someone, male, who is interested in taking over my
studio for approx. a year here in Cortona, Tuscany, Italy.
I'll be moving to Rome in August to teach and my husband will remain
here at home. I'll be back on weekends and holidays but will probably be
too tired to work in the studio.
My studio is a self-contained stone 'house'( aprrox.40 sq. metres)
situated in the mountains above Cortona. It's a very beautiful, isolated
area, not far off the main road. It is equipped with a gas kiln, shimpo
wheel and home-made kick wheel.
My English speaking German 'neighbour' (walking distance) would have a
very small house for rent.
Details about studio and house rent to be decided upon.
This arrrangement could only work out with someone who has a lot of
firing experience with gas kilns and is basically a VERY tough skinned
self-sufficient person. There are NO luxuries here other than the
natural beauty of the area (and of course the magic of Italia). All
heating is from wood a nutshell, it's an extremely hard
working 'back to basics' primitive life-style.
A vehicle of some sort for transportation would be needed to get
anywhere, so that should also be taken into consideration for buying
ceramic supplies (Deruta, 1 1/2 hrs. by car) and groceries, etc.
This is an ideal opportunity for a person who is looking for a very
isolated, intensive work environment, who has a lot of confidence and
patience in living a very simple slow moving way of life.
Please contact me only if you are seriously interested. Thanks.